"The essence of play is the capacity to engage in it" Ferre Laevers





Explorosity Education is owned and managed by myself, Eleanor Hutton, an Early Years Teacher. I have worked in and with many day nurseries and early years' professionals over the last ten years, each with their own vision of what inspiring and exceptional childcare, teaching and learning would look like. With that in mind, I have developed my own vision and ethos based on various approaches and theories from inspirational figures and settings alongside my own true passion, enthusiasm and love for Early Years teaching and learning. 



Deputy Manager 

Hazel is very passionate about her work in early years education, she loves outdoor play and most of all having fun! Hazel use to be a medic in the territorial army, she left to have her own little boy and found her love for early years teaching from there. Hazel holds a BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Education. 

Our Lead Teaching Team

We have three playrooms at Explorosity - The Baby Lounge, The Toddler Room and the Kindergarten. Each of these rooms are lead by a dedicated and qualified practitioner, passionate about providing the highest quality of care for your child.


Baby Lounge Lead Practitioner 

Jenna has lead early years practice for over 5 years. Jenna has a very warm and caring personality perfectly suited to providing the highest quality care to our youngest children. Jenna currently holds a FDa in Early Childhood Studies. 


Toddler Room Lead Practitioner

Carley is a fun loving individual with high energy, yet the perfect person for cuddles too. Carley has worked with two year old's for a number of years. She is very committed to providing exciting and stimulating activities and planning a challenging and appropriately risky environment for our little ones as they develop through their two year old brain development - helping them to investigate their natural instinct to push boundaries. 


Kindergarten Lead Practitioner

Phillippa has recently moved from Wales to join our team. She has a range of experience from both School environments and early years settings. Phillippa is keen to challenge children to take their curiosities and questions further - helping them to develop their skills to take their own learning further. Phillippa currently holds a BA (Hons) in Inclusive Practice. Phillippa also has a passion for ensuring all children in her care are thriving emotionally - she also holds a counselling certificate for young children.  

Early Years Educators

Our team are truly passionate and dedicated to their work. They strive each day to become extremely  attuned to each of their key children in order to provide the highest possible care and education. 


Early Years Teacher 

Melissa is a qualified teacher. She works full time in our Kindergarten. She particularly enjoys outdoor play and exploration! 


Early Years Educator 

Kayleigh holds a degree in Early Years Education. Kayleigh has lots of experience working with children aged 2-5. She has a particular interest in early years nutrition and ensuring all practitioners know and understand the signs and symptoms of diabetes in early years. Kayleigh loves to  get messy and explore outdoors! 


Early Years Educator 

You will generally find Rachel outdoors! She loves all elements of being outside and exploring with our babies. She creates magical opportunities for our children. Rachel holds a degree in Early Years Education and has worked in early years settings for over ten years.