Exploring Outdoors during the Pandemic. 


Here at Explorosity we love being outdoors and we are blessed with the most beautiful outdoor play spaces. The government understand that the risk of transmission is significantly reduced in outdoor spaces. 

During our closure we have rejigged our gardens slightly to ensure that they mimic our indoor spaces. Our children have always had unconditional free flow access into their own age appropriately designed garden space and this will not change. 

All three of our rooms now have an outdoor dining table, allowing them to have snack and mealtimes outdoors as frequently as they choose. 

We have outdoor art, small world and construction areas. 

Water Play! We love our water play at Explorosity - our beautiful streams from Newby Leisure with running water are perfect to explore. Babies all have little individual bowls to explore. 

Our setting benefits from two huge sand pits, although these will be limited to two children at a time, they still provide amazing exploratory opportunities.